best friend :)

God made friends because stories, dreams, hugs, and prayers are meant to be shared
God made friends to remind us to laugh a lot and to be silly sometimes
God made friends to help us feel loved and accepted just the way we are
God made friends to shine His love in our lives in a very special way

to have a best friend like you is such a GOD great blessing for me in every way in my life
you teach me how to be strong in my problems
you show me to whom I should depend on
you tell me how to be a good one
you give me words that made me up from the down
you accompany me in every hard way I have
you believe me that I can be a better person
you understand me in my hard times
you forgive me for every mistake I did to you
you lead me to the right way where I can fill the emptiness of my heart
you take me closer to HIM

you really bring joy and happiness in my life
that's why I call you my best friend in God, you are a blessing:)